Model Organization of American States Youth Summit 2009

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The Fifth Summit of the Americas took place in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in April of 2009.  In preparation, and as an educational experience, Trinidad and Tobago youth held a model summit, which was attended by over 200 students from 24 secondary schools.

View the outcome of the Model Youth Summit:  A declaration of intent created by the youth of Trinidad and Tobago, and presented to Heads of State attending the 5th Summit of the Americas.

This is a report written by Abe Fergussen, who was the Secretary General for the Youth Summit:
We got our final briefing from International Education and Resource Network TnT, Coordinator on procedure and protocol before she left the Council Chamber to escort and announce The Mayor of Port of Spain, and invite him to Address the Model Youth Summit 2009. The Mayor expressed “great satisfaction in seeing the transformation of the Chamber, and spoke of the wonderful opportunity for us as young people to be involved in this learning experience, his only regret being, not enough of our national leaders are here to see and hear you all “Heads of States”, Secretary General, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs’ my! how you look the part” Congratulations!

And now said ‘Mrs. Gaspard Taylor, it is my pleasure to introduce the OAS Model Youth Summit Host, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Youth PM: TnT give the welcome remarks to his hemispheric counterpart, then invite the Secretary General to address the plenary session. and set the stage for the meeting: Then President, Prime Ministers indicated they were ready to speak to begin the presentations, while the Foreign Ministers were meeting in the Committee Room

We had a coffee break, to allow dialouge between Heads of State and Foriegn Ministers, lunch then presentations by big countries with President of the United States speaking last. It is our sincere desire that our effort is not in vain and our resolution will reach to the Heads. And a joint statement made.

We are all very happy to be given the opportunity to hold such high office if only for one day!

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