Youth Ambassador Abe Fergusson is one of the Youth Global Leaders. The following is a message from Abe:

"You may remember that another student accompanied me to the IV World Water Forum, sponsored by UNESCO Uruguay, 2006. Some time ago UNICEF asked if they could use my Power Point Presentation (Local Action on Global Issues) in their publication as they prepare for the next World Water Forum, we agreed- Gia has just informed me that UNICEF will send someone November 16 -19 2007, from World Headquarters to Trinidad to video tape me and the projects we are doing in preparation for NDYS 2008.

We will advise and include the United Nations Development Programme UNDP - local office and UNICEF local representatives.

The Minister of Public Utilities and the Environment (outgoing today is general elections day) and the local UNDP Representative honored me at a tree planting ceremony on October 30th - 2007, held at the Botanic Gardens.

They are:

  1. Focus of the Toco Foundation UNESCO Club and iEARNTnT
  2. In the northeastern rural community the 18 plus schools will focus on the effects of Climate Change on Coastal Areas, e.g. erosion, marine life, coral reefs, mangrove, Agriculture, e.g. feeding themselves, after a disaster.

  3. Focus of Hillview College: UNECSO Club and iEARNTnT Project:
  4. Tub Gardens Project: see details in IEARN Projects list or on the http://www.iearntandt.interconnection.org website.

  5. The effects of Climate Change from a gender prospective how it's effect women/girls to all schools.

Schools will be selected based on competition to present their findings at summit 2008.

They will also be invited to display produce at the summit- along with global safety maps."

Please also visit the following ENO site, Finland: